The Art Rat (artrat) wrote in farscapelives,
The Art Rat

What the Frell is an earthling to do?

After watching the PeaceKeeper's War, I started thinking back on all the episodes of Farscape that I've seen and I find myself with the following comparison.

I feel like Creighton. Lost in a strange land, far away from everything that is familiar to you. The people who knew who you were are not around anymore, so everything you do or say seems strange to those you just met. In fact, while some like you, most hate you, and they all think you are crazy. And even though you long to go back home, keep searching for what is familiar, you know you can never really go back, for those you left behind wont understand where you've been and if you try to explain it, they will think you are crazy too. So you continue on where your at, trying to make the best of a horrible situation and hope that one day you will be at peace.

So, let me end this rant by saying to the SCI/FI Network, "Please bring back the only show that made me feel like there was someone out there who understands how I feel, even if it is only for an hour a week."
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