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Farscape Forever! New Farscape Book Available in September!

Hello Fellow Scapers!!!

I work for BenBella Books, a publisher that specializes in smart and funny books on pop culture.  This September we have a new Farscape book called, Farscape Forever! Sex, Drugs and Killer MuppetsIt is a really fun and insightful book about our favorite show!!!

You can pre-order the book at Amazon or at BenBella's online store (we will get the books sometime in mid-August and will be able to fill your order faster than Amazon).

Enjoy Fellow Scapers & Happy Reading!!!

***(And I'd like to thank you for letting me intrude with this posting! Our books are made by fans for fans and what better way to reach the fans than through LiveJournal!!)***

Wanted! For Crossing Boundaries, Breaking New Ground and Inspiring Fervent Devotion Among Its Viewers: The most innovative science fiction program to hit television in decades, Farscape was the show that fans wouldn't let die. In Farscape Forever! SF authors, scientists and critics celebrate the show's uniqueness, honesty and willingness to take risks, including:

  • SF reviewer and author Justina Robson on fetishes, post-imperialism and the pleasure principle
  • Novelist Tee Morris on what would have happened if NASA had been in charge of Project Farscape
  • Scientist and author Thomas Easton on how to design your own Moya
  • Acclaimed novelist Jim Butcher on why crackers don't matter
  • Author Roxanne Longstreet Conrad on the best vacation spots in the Uncharted Territories
  • Critic Michael Marano on the reason for the show's realism: the puppets!
  • Writer Jeanne Cavelos on Farscape's penchant for confounding expectations and raising the stakes and why it just may be the smartest thing any show has ever done
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